#620 Machine


The #620 Machine repairs all types and sizes of books. You can also create sturdy bound student writing projects without ever leaving your classroom. The #620 easily binds up to a 2.5” in width and 14.5″ in length document or book with a sliding wall to hold smaller documents and books in place. It will also fit legal size items. This machine features a cooling stand, solid-state electronics, automatic binding cycle timer, one button operation and no warm-up is required.

Product includes machine and cooling stand only.

*Our 620 and 520 machines have been specifically manufactured to produce a temperature that does not damage your books.*


Document Formats:

Minimum: 5.5”

Maximum: 14 7/8 x 11”

Spine Size: 1/16” up to 2 ¾

Length: 17 9/16”

Width: 10 3/8”

Height: 5 ¼”

Power Supply: 115V, 50/60 Hz, 700W 6.4amps (max)