#520 Machine


The CoverMate #520 will create durable and perfectly-bound books in the convenience of your school, office, or home. It repairs paper back and hardback books as well. The #520 easily binds or repairs books up to 2” in width and 18.5″ in length with a sliding wall to hold smaller books in place and will work with up to legal size books and covers. This machine includes a non-detachable stand. This product features solid-state electronics, automatic binding cycle timer, one button operation and no warm-up is required.

Product includes machine only.

*Our 620 and 520 machines have been specifically manufactured to produce a temperature that does not damage your books*



Length: 16.5” (420 mm)

Width: 9.25” (235mm)

Front Height: 3.5” (90mm),

Back Height: 8.75” (220mm)

Binding Capacity:

Max Length: 15” (380mm)

Max Width: 2” (57mm)

Documents Cycle: up to 12

Binding Cycle: 30 seconds

Cooling Stand: attached to the machine