Book Repair

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Glue Strips are used to repair textbooks, paper back, and hard-back books. Each strip will repair from 3-5 books, depending on the spine width/length. Glue strips are measured and cut with ordinary scissors to fit just short of the length of your spine. Don’t throw away those scraps, no matter how small they may seem! Scraps of your glue strips are saved and then used to repair smaller books, or can be combined to repair larger books. This is where your average cost of 25¢ per book comes in!


Width: 1-1/8”

Length: 11”

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Rejuvenate Frayed Book Corners
2 mil Clear Gloss Polyester Die-Cut Film
Acid-Free, Non-Yellowing Permanent, High-Tack Adhesive
Resists Tears
One Size Fits All Books
96 Corners per Package
Price includes one package

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Repair and reinforce both book spines and covers with Kapco’s clear, polyester Spine Repair Tape. This tape is acid free, has non-yellowing adhesive, and is good for hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines, maps, folders, large documents and more. It comes with an exclusive 3/8″ Peel ‘n Place® centering strip.

The price includes one roll.

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Our White Hinge Repair Tape is for hardbacks and inside book repair. This High-Tack Tyvek® Adhesive Tape has an exclusive 1/8″ Peel ‘n Place® Centering Strip and also includes white opaque tape that covers old repairs, reinforce hinges, reattach book block to cover, and can hide security strips.
The price includes one roll.



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