Troubleshooting Your Machine

1.  If your machine lights up and beeps when it is first plugged in, then does nothing, this is normal. The machines have an "eye" and they have to "see" something is down inside of them before they will begin to heat up!  Try sticking a book down inside of the machine and see if the light turns back on and the machine begins to heat up.  If not, then move to step 2 below.

2.  If your machine does not light up or beep when it is first plugged in, check the plug in the rear of the machine.  Is the cord seated firmly inside of the plug-in slot on the machine?   Also, check the outlet.  Plug in a different piece of equipment that you KNOW for certain is functioning properly (a digital clock or radios are great for this test!) --if the new piece of equipment works in the same outlet, then please call us for additional troubleshooting of your machine.

Machine still not cooperating??? Call us @ 800-881-1521 for help and we will get you back up and running in no time!