the Cover One
E-Poll Book Transport/Workstation!


  • Low Profile- Our case has a low profile front for Easy and Comfortable Typing
  • Cooling Fan- Helps to keep laptop cool, preventing overheating at the polls!
  • Lightweight- Only 23 lbs. FULLY LOADED, eliminating the need for wheels & added expense!
  • VersatileYou choose to alternate your case interior from Notebook to Laptops- 15-17" - all from your office!
  • Custom Choices- You choose printer positions for left or right handed use!
  • Your County Name comes printed on Each Case!
  • Easy to redesign!  Your case can be easily redesigned for any future technology/hardware upgrades!
  • Durability- Made of military grade plastic to remain air/water tight and withstand the rigors of transportation to and from the polls!
  • All Cases are Hand Delivered and Set-up*- We deliver and set up your custom cases with your equipment!

*Hand Delivery and Set-up available only in Texas and some surrounding states.  Call to inquire.

$ 399.00