*Bind up to 200 sheets at a time in a single step!

*Ideal for medium-duty home, home office or desktop use, the #250 quickly and easily binds documents of several sizes. 

*3 minute warm-up time. 

*60 seconds to bound books. 

*Bound documents lie flat for optimal storage.  


  • Binds- This machine binds up to a 7/8" capacity or 200  sheets and it can be used for leatherette or book repair/glue strips.
  • Timer- This machine has no timer.
  • Warranty- Comes with a lifetime warranty. We extend the manufacturer's warranty to life. Should it malfunction during the time that you own it, we will replace it at no charge to you!
  • Specifications- Dimensions:15 x6 x 7"  weight: 6 lbs. Order a #250 Machine now!